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Ultra Detoxification Biochemic Tissue Salts Complex

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For use as an ultra detoxifier.


Acute dose:

Take 1 dropper full under the tongue every 30 minutes, until symptoms subside, up to 4 doses, then continue a maintenance dose of 1 dose 4 times per day (max 8 doses per day).

Maintenance dose:

Take 1 dose 4 times daily

Size : 50ml & 100ml


  • Sodium Chloride 6X

  • Potassium Chloride 6X

  • Potassium Sulphate 6X

  • Magnesium Phosphate 6X

  • Ferrum Phosphate 6X

  • Silicon Dioxide 6X

  • Calcium Phosphate 6X

  • Calcium Sulphate 6X

  • Calcium Fluoride 6X

  • Sodium Chloride 6X

  • Potassium Phosphate 6X

  • Sodium Sulphate 6X

Infused in distilled water. Ethanol /Alcohol and Preservative Free.


Store in a dry, dark place away from heat and sunlight. Stored correctly the remedy will last for 12 months.

Warning: Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your health or general practitioner


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