Spiritual & Energy Healing

Spiritual & Energy Healing

All conditions can be treated with spiritual and energy healing, however depending on 

receptiveness and mental outlook, not all people can be. While an open minded person who has confidence in the treating

healer will aid the treatment, it is not necessary. This is not faith healing as with some religions, but is in fact spiritual energy healing, and since everyone has spiritual energy, even skeptics can benefit from this type of healing. 


Spiritual and energy healing has been around for thousands of years and practiced in many cultures in some form.  If you have ever had a therapeutic massage, then you've experienced a form of energy healing. Other therapies not commonly thought of as energy healing are reflexology, chiropractic, Ayurevedic Medicine,  acupuncture, homeopathy and kinesiology, but these are all part of energy (Vibrational) medicine. The more commonly known energy healing modalities are Reiki, colour therapy, magnet therapy, crystal healing, Pranic healing, light therapy and Chakra balancing. 




At our clinic we focus on three types of spiritual energy healing - Chakra Balancing, Solfeggio Therapy, Sacred Geometry and Auric Healing using our Infinity iLife Bio-Enegertic device. 



Like all Doctors, your practitioner keeps any information strictly confidential and private at all times, so whether you have physical or psychological concerns you can have complete confidence, knowing your practitioner is here to help you and will conduct themselves professionally at all times.