Flower Essence Complexes

Traditionally, flower essences are infusions of flowers in water, that are potentised in a solution of distilled water and brandy (Detox Flower Essence Complexes are alcohol free). They contain no scent or perfume and should not be confused with essential oils or herbal tinctures.


The flower essence therapy was developed by Edward Bach, an English homeopath, in the 1930's. Bach believe that dew found on flower petals retain healing properties of that plant. The remedies are intended primarily for emotional or spiritual disturbances but have been known to address physical conditions.



There are many different flower essences now available since Bach developed the therapy in the 1930's. South African Flowers Essences, Native American Flower Essences and New Zealand Flower Essences are just a couple of flower essences available. In Australia, Ian White has developed the most sought after flower essence product line based on the Australian Bush flora, second only to the original Bach Flower Essences.



 You wont be able to find our complexes in stores. We have carefully selected and combined the best essences from both Bach and Australian Bush Flowers  to create a powerful complex that will provide the absolute best remedy for your chosen ailment.


We want our products to be available to the entire family, including pets, so we don't use alcohol in any of our remedies. Brandy and alcohol have only even been used historically for the preservative effect - it makes no difference to the remedy itself.


All of our remedies, when stored correctly, have a 12 month shelf life. To check for freshness, poor a little into a clear glass or hold the bottle up to the sunlight and look for murkiness or floaters. If you see anything, its time for a new remedy. 



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